Youth Events

The early Test matches were school based teams, before moving under the auspices of the national bodies per se. With the exception of the 2002 series, all recognised Youth Test matches have been Australia v New Zealand. The inaugural Youth World Cup was held in 2001.

Test Matches

1991 - 1998
1999Canberra, Australia
2000Auckland, New Zealand
2002Raratonga, Cook Islands
2004Christchurch, New Zealand
2009Christchurch, New Zealand
2011Canberra, Australia
2013Auckland, New Zealand
2014Sydney, Australia
2015Sydney, Australia

Head to Head

Touchdown Scorers

Youth World Cup

2001Auckland, New Zealand
2005Kawana, Australia

Head to Head

Touchdown Scorers

Junior Touch Championships

2014Swansea, Wales

Youth World Challenge

The Youth World Challenge was held in conjunction with the 2009 Youth Trans Tasman series, and replaced the originally planned Youth World Cup at that time.

2009Auckland, New Zealand

World All Schools

A World All Schools Championships was inaugurated in 2001 to coincide with the Queensland State Schools Championships. The second event was held in 2003 also to coincide with the Queensland Schools event.

In 2006 the event was designed to run alongside the Asian School Championships held in Singapore.

2001Gold Coast, Australia
2003Brisbane, Australia
2006Singapore, Singapore
2008Brisbane, Australia

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