South Pacific Games

Like the European and British Isles, the South Pacific Island Nations wanted regular competition between each other but did not want a four year gap between such competitions. In 1998 a South Pacific International tournament was held in Auckland, but the Island group felt that a "stand alone" competition centred within the Pacific Islands region was the future direction they were looking for.

The Island nations were not financially strong and could simply not afford an annual event, so the idea of a bi-annual competition to coincide with the South Pacific Games was accepted as a general concept.

In 2003 at the South Pacific Games in Fiji the Touch event became the South Pacific Championships. This continued bi annually until 2009 when the SPG were held in Nouméa, New Caledonia  - unfortunately at this event Touch was not recognised, and despite the best efforts of the Islands Touch Communities Touch was omitted in 2011 qlwo before re-emerging in the 2015 games held in PNG.

Pacific Games - Touch Championships

2009Cook Islands
1998New Zealand

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