Nanjing Keep in Touch

14 Nov 2016 @ 11:40 UTC

Nanjing passed another batch of F.I.T. qualified coaches in September when they invited course presenter, Anne Goh, back to run another day of coaching development.

You know the sport’s popularity is growing rapidly when they invite you back to conduct a coaching course the second time within six months. 

The course was conducted in the spanking new British International School of Nanjing campus, located in Jiangning.  

Course coordinator, Mr Daniel Aylward, also the Head of Physical Education Department in the school, is a huge fan of Touch. He is constantly looking to push for more growth and expansion of the sport in Nanjing. The course was attended by enthusiastic players and coaches all looking for more competition to plan into their season. 

Overall, it was an extremely valuable injection into the development of the sport in Nanjing.

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