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TWC2019 - Divisional Preview - Women's Open

29 Apr 2019 @ 6:00 UTC

In our second instalment, we look at the Women's Open division, and assess who has improved and who will spoil the party for a medal contender.

TWC2019 - Divisional Preview - Mixed Open

28 Apr 2019 @ 22:00 UTC

Who will win the medals? Who are the big improvers? Our correspondents have interviewed sources on every continent to make our bold predictions

BBC to cover Touch World Cup 2019 in Malaysia

26 Apr 2019 @ 6:00 UTC

The 2019 Touch World Cup being held in Putrajaya, Malaysia from 29 April will be extensively covered by BBC Sport

USA Partners with Rugby!

11 Jan 2019 @ 0:00 UTC

USA Rugby and USA Touch have recently announced a strategic partnership between the two organizations that will see both organizations increase the opportunity for non-contact rugby across the United States.

TWC2015 .. By the Numbers!

28 May 2015 @ 11:12 UTC

With the 2015 FIT World Cup Open finals about to be shown on prime time TV networks in Australia this weekend, what better time to release the overall results and statistics from this record breaking event for all our member nations to enjoy.

USA Touch Nationals

23 May 2015 @ 11:01 UTC

USA Touch - on the back of a succesful World Cup campaign - are pleased to announce their forthcoming National Titles, to be held again at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida, over the period 9-11 October 2015

FIT Celebrates Inaugural Life Member

13 May 2015 @ 6:26 UTC

The Federation of International Touch is pleased to announce it's inuagural Life Member: Mr Cary Thompson.

Re-live the Touch World Cup Action!

5 May 2015 @ 12:30 UTC

Having the Post-TWC blues? Be sure to check out the official Touch World Cup 2015 and Federation of International Touch Youtube pages to re-live some of the best moments from the fantastic event over the weekend in Coffs Harbour!

Australia Retains World Cup

4 May 2015 @ 14:13 UTC

It was a near perfect day for the Australian teams on 2015 World Cup finals day at C.ex Coffs International Stadium; as the reigning champs from 'down under' claimed their 8th consecutive World Cup!

2014 USA Nationals Wrap Up

9 Dec 2014 @ 11:56 UTC

The 2014 USA Touch Nationals was again held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports on the Disneyworld complex just outside of Orlando Florida on the 10th and 11th of October, 2014.

USA Touch Nationals and International Club Open

17 Oct 2014 @ 14:24 UTC

USA Touch is pleased to announce the 2014 USA Touch Nationals in Orlando, Florida, over the period 9-12th October, 2014. In addition to the USA Touch Nationals, the the USA Touch World Club Open will also be held, with International teams coming from New Zealand, Ireland, England, Wales and more.

TWC2015 Update

3 Oct 2014 @ 2:22 UTC

An incredible 84 teams have nominated from 21 Countries to attend the 2015 Federation of International Touch (FIT) World Cup (2015 TWC) to be held in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.

TWC 2015 News

31 Aug 2014 @ 8:55 UTC

Recent information pertaining to the 2015 Federation of International Touch (FIT) World Cup has just been released by both FIT, and host organisation, TFA.

2015 World Cup Looms

31 Aug 2014 @ 8:55 UTC

800 games, 125 teams, 28 member nations ... 1 Touch World Cup!

International Touch Almanac

26 Aug 2014 @ 11:33 UTC

Have you ever wondered who is the most capped player in international history? How many touchdowns you have scored playing for your country? Or what was the highest score in the last World Cup? All that info - and more - is available in Thompson's Almanac ... online right here!

2015 FIT Touch World Cup Event Overview

15 May 2014 @ 9:33 UTC

Please find enclosed the event overview for the 2015 Federation of International Touch (FIT) World Cup (2015 TWC), aligned with the attached Expression of Interest (EOI) form of which we are seeking a response by Wednesday, 11 December, 2013.

New FIT Positions

10 Apr 2014 @ 8:48 UTC

The Federation of International Touch (FIT) is the executive body for Touch globally and manages all aspects of the sport. One of the key areas of responsibilities for FIT is to improve the ongoing development of all female participants, including players, coaches, and referees; and another is to improve the ongoing development of all players at all stages of development. Introducing and developing Touch for children and youth is regarded by FIT as essential for the expansion and continuity of the sport.

FIT Playing Rules (Fourth Edition)

8 Feb 2014 @ 11:29 UTC

The Federation of International Touch is pleased to release the fourth edition of the FIT Playing Rules, as a direct result of the hard work and dedication of the 2010 and 2012 PlayingRules Sub Committees.

2015 World Cup Lands in Coffs

20 Dec 2013 @ 10:43 UTC

Touch Football Australia is pleased to announce that Coffs Harbour, NSW, will host the prestigious 2015 Federation of International Touch (FIT) Touch World Cup.

USA Touch Nationals and World Club Open

20 Dec 2013 @ 10:43 UTC

The 2013 USA Touch Nationals will be held over the period 4-6th of October, and will also incorporate an invitational world club challenge component. The event will comprise Open Mens, Open Womens, Open Mixed, and O/35 Mens divisions, as well as hoping to conduct a Youth (Under 15) division; and will be held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort, near Orlando, Florida.

VALE Dennis Coffey

15 Sep 2013 @ 3:15 UTC

On behalf of FIT and its members, I announce with a very heavy heart the passing of Dennis Coffey, Secretary General of the Federation of International Touch.

FIT Welcomes New President

14 Jan 2013 @ 3:21 UTC

It is with pleasure that the Federation of International Touch (FIT) announces the appointment of Erick Acker (France) as FIT President through until AGM 2015, as well as the appointment of two new FIT Board Directors: Mel Mallam from Switzerland (legal and international sport expertise) and Angela Calder from Australia (sport development and international sport expertise).

Seasons Greetings from FIT

7 Jan 2013 @ 10:24 UTC

The Federation of International Touch (FIT) would like to extend its warmest seasons greetings to all across the globe. May this festive season be all that you deserve - filled with fun, laughter, and precious family memories.

International Technical Development

7 Jan 2013 @ 10:19 UTC

A recent focus for FIT is a greater emphasis on global technical development, and during 2012 the FIT Coaching Commission was established to meet the "coaching" need. Mr Peter McNeven was appointed as Chair of that Commission.

FIT Continues Global Expansion!

5 Sep 2012 @ 6:50 UTC

The Federation of International Touch has pleasure in advising that the following countries have been approved as official Federation members: Argentina, China, Chinese Taipei, Luxembourg, Portugal, Tonga, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Tuvalu and also Mauritius as an Associate Member.

U.S Happy Snaps Now online

30 Jul 2012 @ 14:15 UTC

Make sure you check out the collection of action / team pics from the recent US Touch Nationals - they can be found in our Gallery section.

Tumeke Prove 'Too Much' for Opposition

30 Jul 2012 @ 14:14 UTC

The 2012 US Touch Nationals were recently held in San Francisco, California, with USA Touch extremely pleased with the increasing standard of Touch on display, and the fantastic sportsmanship of all participants.The Men's Open division has been a two horse race since 2008 with Tumeke and Portland playing in each of the MO finals. Both teams proved too strong for Bay Area and Manhattan Beach, but the level of competition is so much stronger than it has been in the past. Any team could have won this division, but the final saw Portland and Tumeke meet for the 4th straight final. Portland started very strong racing out to a 4-0 lead early. Tumeke was able to pull back a couple of touchdowns before the half left the game at 6-2. Portland started the second half strong to take the lead to 7-2. That score seemed to shift Tumeke into another gear, but the 3 time MO champions from Portland were able to hold out to take the final 9-7 avenging 2 losses in the past two tournaments to take the Championship back to Portland for the 4th time.As with the MO competition, the level of play in the Mixed Open division was more even than it's ever been. The proof was seen in the biggest upset in a number of years when the 2 time defending champions, Galaxy of San Diego lost their first game at Nationals in several years in a pool game. The upstart Stanford Sharks from the San Francisco Bay Area upended Galaxy in a closely competed game 5-4. On the other side of the draw, 3 time semi finalists Tumeke finished top of their division. Visiting from South America was a very energetic and exciting Chile team with pace and fitness to burn. Both Pools crossed over with results putting Tumeke playing Galaxy and New York playing Stanford Sharks. In two of the closest and most competitive games in recent MXO history, Tumeke was able to knock off the San Diego based team 8-6 ending two years of Galaxy dominance. The Stanford Sharks came up against a hot New York team looking to make their first final, but Stanford was able to hold New York off to make their second final in 3 years. The final was a one sided affair as Tumeke looked to finish their undefeated run to the finals and win their first MXO championship to accompany their 2 MO championships. The Mens 35 competition saw the defending champions from Palm Beach, Florida come through pool games undefeated. Finishing first saw them get the easier of the semi finals after the round robin with Stanford playing Tumeke in the other semi in a rematch of a game that saw Stanford come away as winners 7-5 in the pool round robin. At the end of 40 minutes both teams were locked in an 8 all draw. Heading into the drop off, it seemed that whichever team could remain standing would win the game. Having won the toss, Tumeke had the ball first and were able to score after a minute of play. With the right to respond, both teams had dropped to 5 players. Stanford had a chance on the goal line but an errant pass gave the game to Tumeke and a presence in each of the 3 division finals for the Tumeke Touch club. The final was all one way traffic in the first half with Tumeke running out to a 4-1 advantage before Palm Beach pulled one back before the half. Coming into the second half 2 behind, Palm Beach seemed to up the intensity and showed their superior fitness coming out winners 5-4 to collect the newly branded Nate Fekete/Brad Wear Memorial Trophy and take their second M35 championship back to Florida. USA Touch has seen the level of play increase immensely since taking 4 teams to the 2011 World Cup in Scotland. The brain child of former USA Touch president Jeff Woods to take as many players as could make the trip, no matter their experience was proven well worth the risk as those players who represented Palm Beach, New York, Atlanta, Bay Area and Manhattan Beach saw those areas make impressive jumps in the level of their play. Congratulation goes out to the winners of all 3 divisions and as we look forward to 2013 where we will return to the ESPN Wide World of Sports facility on the Disney World campus in Orlando, Florida for the 2013 USA Touch Nationals that will also double as an International Invitational to be held from the 2nd through the 6th of October 2013.

USA Touch Welcomes New National Secretary

30 Jul 2012 @ 14:13 UTC

It is with appreciation that we announce that Lorna Campbell has stepped down as USA Touch Secretary effective immediately. Lorna has served USA Touch and the game in this official role for the past year, but has been part of the executive USA Touch leadership for over a decade. Lorna has been heavily involved in the huge growth of the game as of late as well as being a solid member of the Touch community for years, in running the Houston Hurricanes. We will miss Lorna as she moves back to her homeland of Australia and wish her every success in her future endeavors. Lorna will continue to help USA Touch until her departure in October and with the transition of the newly appointed secretary. We would like to introduce Jean Miller as the new USA Touch secretary. Jean has been part of the USA Touch wider community for several years. Jean brings a wealth of experience organizing tournaments and building the game in every area she has lived in. Jean helped build Hawaii into a strong member and hosted a USA Touch National Championships in 2000. Jean has been instrumental in the growth of Touch in the Bay Area organizing strong teams that have competed for the Mixed Open Championships as they have made every semi final since 2009, making the final in 2009 and again in 2012. We would like to thank Jean for making this commitment and welcome her to the executive board of USA Touch.

USA Touch Nationals - UPDATE

3 Jul 2012 @ 7:39 UTC

USA Touch is pleased to announce the 2012 US Touch Nationals in San Francisco, California! The objective of USA Touch is to continue to grow and spread this fantastic game — they had 17 teams at Disney in 2010 and are planning on the 2012 event to be even bigger!

New FIT Board Appointed

11 May 2012 @ 13:14 UTC

The Federation of International Touch is pleased to announce the appoinment of their Board for the year going forward, following the 2011 annual General Meeting this week.

USA Touch News!

11 May 2012 @ 13:13 UTC

The USA Touch Executive Board announces it has completed drafting their new Constitution and By-Laws. The full document can be viewed, on request, by any registered Affiliate or member. More information on registering your club as an Affiliate will be coming shortly and registration is free to all clubs. The first AGM (Annual General meeting) will be held in Pleasanton, CA. on Friday, June 29th, 2012 (time and location TBA) after the days games. All Affiliated clubs have the right to send one representative to the meeting and have a voice in the ongoing management of the Association.USA Touch have also restructured and are in need of dedicated people willing to assume responsibilities in the organization.Help is needed in areas of:

FIT Communication Survey

30 Jan 2012 @ 9:48 UTC

The FIT Board is reviewing a number of policies & procedures in coming weeks and we ask for your feedback on communications.

Aussies Are World Cup Champs!

30 Jan 2012 @ 9:15 UTC

The 2011 Federation of International Touch World Cup has concluded in Edinburgh, Scotland, with Australia claiming the World Cup with wins in the Mens Open, Womens Open, Mixed Open, Mens 30's & Mens 35's. New Zealand claimed the Mens 40's & Senior Mixed; whilst England took the W30's.

The Evolution of Touch

27 Nov 2011 @ 10:41 UTC

Touch - the sport for all, is a worldwide phenomenon based on participant skill and teamwork, with a degree of fitness thrown in at the elite level. But where did it all start, and how has the game changed over time in comparison to it's early cousins in the other football codes?

FIT Calendar Survey

21 Nov 2011 @ 13:00 UTC

The Federation of International Touch (FIT) kindly requests that nations please complete the 'FIT EVENT — CALENDAR' survey either by responding with your comments in the attached PDF file and returning the file to Dennis Coffey (Secretary general) OR by undertaking the online survey available at this address:

World Cup Takes Centre Stage!

26 Jun 2011 @ 11:46 UTC

The 2011 Federation of International Touch (FIT) World Cup kicked into action today with the action fast & furious across all divisions, and arguably some upsets amongst the first round of matches.

World Cup Looms ..

22 Jun 2011 @ 10:25 UTC

The 2011 FIT World Cup is just under 3 weeks away - and the action is hotting up across the globe as all competing nations finalise preperations for the largest international Touch event on the planet.

World Cup Update 28.05.11

5 Jun 2011 @ 11:50 UTC

Please note there have been changes to the MO and WO Divisions since V4.0 of the Tournament Structure and Competition Draw — the latest (final) version is attached.

SATA and USA Announce World Cup Selections

5 Jun 2011 @ 11:46 UTC

The build up to the 2011 FIT World Cup of Touch continues, with US Touch and the South African Touch Assoc. naming their squads to take on the world in Edinburgh, Scotland, in just over 8 weeks time.

World Cup Tournament Structure and Draw

5 Jun 2011 @ 11:45 UTC

The 2011 Federation of International (FIT) Touch World Cup will see 92 teams,from 28 countries, take to the field in the pursuit of global dominance over the period 20-26th June, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Whilst the 3 Open divisions showcase the event, the World Cup will be contested across 7 divisions in total, and will see 439 games played across the 5 day tournament.

WC Selections

5 Jun 2011 @ 11:45 UTC

The build up to the 2011 World Cup in Scotland continues, with England and Scotland finalising and naming their representative teams to fly the flag in Edinburgh.

World Cup There for the Taking

13 May 2011 @ 8:27 UTC

The 2011 FIT World Cup is now only four months away, and the action is hotting up across respective nations as they prep for the ultimate global showdown. Whilst a lot of focus will be on the premier Open divisions, the absence of noted powerhouses, Australia & New Zealand, in other divisions will see the competition thrown right open .. with an opportunity for the overal World Cup to perhaps be 'stolen' away by another competitor.

FIT Referee Panel

20 Mar 2011 @ 1:59 UTC

The Federation of International Touch (FIT) is now calling for nominations to the FIT Referee Panel. The term of appointment will be for four (4) years. The respective appointment period commences post World Cup e.g. from TWC2011 in June 2011 and extends through to TWC2015 in Australia in 2015.

2015 World Cup heads Down Under

9 Feb 2011 @ 11:22 UTC

The Federation of International Touch is pleased to announce that the 2015 (FIT) World Cup will be held in Australia.