Junior Touch Championships 2015

Sept. 25, 2015 @ 12:15 UTC

The 22nd of August 2015 was to mark an historic moment in European Touch as youngsters gathered from across 7 Nations to represent their country and take part in the first stand alone Junior Touch Championships

The tournament included the Mixed U18s who, for some, had tasted the magnitude of a European event as they graced the fields of Swansea in 2014. Teams from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and the Middle East were ready to battle for the 2015 JTC crown.
But for the U18 Boys division from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and Girls division from England, Wales, Ireland and a team grouped from European, this was to be their first international experience and undoubtedly the proudest moment of their young lives as they began an exciting journey through their touch careers. A huge step for some as they left families behind for the first time.
The standard of play at the first event of this kind was admirably high. The teams played with real maturity despite their tender age and the execution of skills was as good as their elders.
It was wonderful to see so many Parents and supporters come to cheer the teams on. The pitches were buzzing and alive with excitement and the proud-ness filled the air!
This event has set a real precedent for the future. It has created an exciting pathway for the juniors of the Touch world and will surely strengthen the depth and level of all ages of our game.
All credit to the months of preparation and dedicated hours from the coaches and support staff who ensured that their players were ready for the international stage. We look forward to the next JTC already and hope that now our even younger generation of players have something to aspire to.

These memories will last forever and give the players the hunger and desire to do it again and again. For the youngsters, this is hopefully the beginning of a long incredible journey in the sport and we can guarantee you will have met incredible people who will become your lifelong friends through playing the sport so far.

Full results listing, including scorers can be found HERE

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