2013 Brett Barclay Cup

Sept. 26, 2013 @ 4:35 UTC

In memory of Brett Barclay, founder of the ACC Touch Club, the Austrian Touch League, and co-founder of Touch Austria, teams from all over Central Europe came to Austria to contest for the title of Brett Barclay Cup Champion 2013 on a very warm and sunny day in September.

Six teams from Austria, Belgium, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Switzerland were fighting for the trophy in the men's division, but defending champions London Galaxy gave these teams a hard time actually seizing the title from them by not coming to Vienna this year ;-)

The men's division saw a lot of very tough and close matches and an even closer final, which Brussels Celtics Gents managed to win 5-4 against Zurich Geezers. The 3rd/4th place playoff was contested by Budapest Gents and Vienna Bonobos. The first beat the latter 7-0, making the Bonobos runners-up for the second year running — only this time in a different final! Even though Austrians are widely known to be very good and generous hosts, they didn't want their guests to win all the prizes .. and they didn't! In the 5th/6th place game, hosting team ACC lost to Prague Pillagers 1-4 and won the wooden spoon. A trophy is a trophy, after all…right?!

In the women's division it was pretty clear early in the tournament that the final would be contested between Alpinkatzen and Brussels Celtics Ladies. Despite having lost to Alpinkatzen in the group stage, the latter took with them an extra bit of momentum and motivation from Brussels Celtics Gents' victory in the men's final and walked all over the Alpinkatzen in the final, winning 6-1 and the women's division. In the fight for 3rd place, which was simultaneously the wooden spoon final, Blue Devils, the Austrian development team led by a few experienced girls, challenged Budapest Ladies. The latter played an almost flawless game and won the game 4-0, despite having only six Hungarian girls and two or three players borrowed from other teams throughout the day.

The highlights of the after-party, which took place at Flanagans Irish Pub in accordance with real Touch Austria tradition, included a cool band and tennis street fights between the Geezers (who were dressed up as retro-tennis-stars and also provided the equipment), the Blue Devils (who readily joined in) and a few local cars — the cars took part rather less voluntarily.

Big thanks on behalf of Touch Austria to all participants for coming to Vienna and playing, reffing, helping and organising.

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