The purpose of the Children and Youth Commission is to provide global standards for:

  • Children and Youth Touch development;
  • Coaching competencies and standards for those coaching Children and Youth;
  • Refereeing competencies and standards for those officiating Children and Youth;
  • Ethics and codes of conduct for the safety, well-being and enjoyment of the sport for Children and Youth; and
  • Appropriate competitions and events to reflect the needs of children and youth participants in the sport

Sports Development Director - Mr Peter Topp

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 OfficerEmail Address
ChairJassy Bhullar[email protected]
ChinaJordan Zhu[email protected]
AustraliaDonna Fraser[email protected]
AustraliaMichael Singh[email protected]
AustraliaDavid Parker[email protected]
USAKaitlin Sigado[email protected]

Youth Commission Chair - Mr Jassy Bhullar