The FIT Referee Commission personnel are responsible for all aspects of FIT referee and referee coach education and training.

This typically includes program development, delivery, quality control, management, promotion and NTO development.

All FIT Referee courses are managed and delivered by the Referee Commission personnel or approved presenters.

The FIT Referee Commission can host face to face or virtual workshops for FIT Introductory and FIT Intermediate coaches.

Some NTOs have their own programs, as referee education, training and accreditation is particular to a nation that has the ability to conduct it.

NTOs self-sustainability is a priority for FIT, particularly with regard to the delivery of FIT / NTO Technical education and training programs. All NTOs coach accreditation programs are mapped with FIT Referee competencies to ensure global consistency.

FIT referee courses are currently delivered online across the globe.

The following programs are available:

  • Introductory Level Referees Course - virtual
    Approximately 3-hours duration. (Face-to-face delivery approximately a 2-hour duration)

  • Intermediate Level Referees Course
    Approximately 3-hours duration and includes a practical assessment component that can be done via video analysis if needed.

  • Advanced Level Referees Course - Due to be available in late 2022.

The FIT Referee Commission also hosts the following:

  • Online version for Facilitator/Presenters (RPL - educational background)

  • Referee explanation of the latest rule adjustments
    Approximately 90-minute duration

  • Basic Referee Coaching Session
    Approximately 2 hours duration

  • Advanced Session for aspiring Referee Coaches that addresses more of the Principals and Fundamentals of coaching referees
    Approximately 2-hour duration

FIT will be releasing a uniformed Referee Badge system during 2022.

Further information on how to access the services and courses of the FIT Coaching Commission are available by contacting the FIT Referee Commission Continental Contact listed below:

 OfficerEmail Address
ChairIan Matthew[email protected]
AustraliaKenneth Golden[email protected]
AustraliaChristopher.Dolahenty[email protected]
FranceSebastien Chassande-Barrios[email protected]
New ZealandDarrin Sykes[email protected]
AustraliaDavid Field[email protected]
ScotlandSarah Mason[email protected]
AustraliaErene Devall[email protected]
New ZealandAlister Stevenson[email protected]
New ZealandAndrew Timoti[email protected]
New ZealandBerkie Kapa[email protected]