The FIT Coaching Commission personnel are responsible for all aspects of FIT coach education and training.

This typically includes program development, delivery, quality control, management, promotion and NTO development.

All FIT Introductory and FIT Intermediate Coaching courses are managed and delivered by the Coaching Commission personnel or approved presenters. The programs are delivered face to face or in virtual workshops.

NTOs self-sustainability is a priority for FIT, particularly with regards to the delivery of FIT / NTO Technical education and training programs. 

All NTOs coach accreditation programs are mapped with FIT Coaching competencies to ensure global consistency.

The FIT Coaching Commission coaching courses are as follows:

  • FIT General Coaching Principles Course
    Approximately 2 hours

  • FIT Introductory Coaching Course
    Approximately 3 hours

    All participants must have fulfilled the mandatory pre-requisite of the FIT General Coaching Principles Course, or any FIT Coaching Commission accepted Required Prior Learning (RPL) before attending this course.

  • FIT Intermediate Coaching Course
    Approximately 4 hours

All the above FIT coaching courses can be delivered and undertaken either face to face, or virtually.

The Introductory and Intermediate coaching courses have a practical assessment component that can be assessed by video analysis.

The FIT Advanced Coaching Course is currently being developed and is anticipated to be available in the second half of 2022 - Approximately 20 hours

The Coaching Commission also hosts the following courses on an as-needed basis:

  • FIT Presenters Course
    Approximately 2 hours

  • FIT Selectors Course
    Approximately 3 hours

Further information on how to access the services of the FIT Coaching Commission and courses are available by contacting the FIT Coaching Commission Continental Contact as available in the Coaching Commission details.

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