A recap of the FIT Member Forum 2024 in Singapore

March 20, 2024 @ 0:00 UTC

FIT is delighted to announce the success of its Member Forum in Singapore, which took place from February 23 to 25. Representatives from 20 member nations participated in the event.

The Federation of International Touch (FIT), the international governing body for the sport of Touch, is pleased to announce that the highly anticipated Member Forum in Singapore from February 23 to 25 was hugely successful. 

This marked the event’s return for the first time since November 2019, when representatives from approximately 25 touch-playing nations gathered in Paris just a month before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event promised direct engagement with official representatives from National Touch Organisations (NTOs) worldwide, positioning them as crucial decision-makers shaping the sport’s future and it didn’t disappoint. 

Representatives from 20 member nations, including notable figures such as the Chair of England Touch Tim Loverage, TFA CEO Jamie O’Connor, and Chair of Touch NZ Stephen Upton, attended.

According to FIT Director Peter Topp The forum was a melting pot of ideas, experiences, and challenges from across the globe, providing a unique platform for members to connect, discuss, collaborate, and learn. “We witnessed a fantastic exchange of insights, all geared towards strengthening our collective commitment to the sport of touch,” Peter said. 

The lineup of guest speakers, led by the charismatic Chris Simon, CEO of England Touch and host, touched upon various crucial topics, including an update on the Touch World Cup 2024 and insightful discussions on FIT events calendars, eligibility criteria, and the exciting bid with Touch Football Australia to include Touch in the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane.

Here's a brief snapshot of the key discussions:

  1. Touch World Cup 2024 Update: Presented by Chris Simon, attendees received detailed information, planning insights, and updates on divisions. Any inquiries on this can be directed to Chris Simon.
  2. FIT Event Calendars and Structure: A thorough discussion on Opens, Masters, and Youth calendars over the next eight years, aiming for a streamlined process for players and administrators.
  3. 2032 Olympics Bid: Exploring the possibilities with Touch Football Australia to include Touch in the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane, marking a significant milestone for the sport.
  4. Member Development and School Engagement: Emphasis on addressing the developmental needs of members, particularly focusing on engaging schools.
  5. Unified Approach to Sport Delivery: A call for a united approach in delivering the sport, avoiding fragmentation.
  6. Base Building for Players, Coaches, and Referees: A continued focus on building the foundation of players, coaches, and referees for the growth of the sport.

Other speakers included David Crocker, FIBA World Cup Executive Director who presented the FIBA Basketball World Cup by numbers. David’s presentation addressed the challenges of multi-city hosts, qualification and key messaging, World Cup engagement, and the importance of quality marketing and promotion through social media.  

Karina Newmarch, an accomplished Australian Olympian in Rowing, took the stage for her presentation. Drawing inspiration from Nadia Comaneci's concept of a "perfect 10," Karina shared her insights on using success as a driving force for peak performance. She elaborated on her experiences working within and leading high-performing teams, highlighting her ability to thrive under pressure.

Looking ahead, FIT plans to host the next forum in 2026, providing another opportunity for members to connect and contribute to the sport's growth. “The outcomes of the forum have provided a clear focus for the FIT Board, and we are excited about the future collaborations that will propel the sport of touch to new heights,” Peter said.