Touch New Zealand selected to host the 2028 Touch World Cup

Dec. 18, 2023 @ 23:50 UTC

TNZ anticipates a significant economic impact to the host city and regions where the game of Touch shows strong participation and growth.

The Federation of International Touch (FIT) is proud to announce that Touch New Zealand will host the prestigious 2028 Touch World Cup (TWC). 

Mark Croston, Chair of FIT, expressed immense excitement regarding this decision, highlighting the significance of bringing the premier Touch event back to the Southern Hemisphere.

“With the UK set to host the 2024 event, it’s fascinating that Touch’s pinnacle tournament is returning to the Pacific region,” stated Mark. 

“Touch New Zealand’s unparalleled expertise, proficiency in event management, and abundant resources position them among the best in the world. We are confident this event will be a magnificent showcase for our sport in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Mark confirmed that Touch New Zealand is negotiating with several prominent New Zealand cities about the prospect of being the host city.

“An announcement regarding the chosen host city will be announced at the appropriate time following the negotiations,” Mark said. 

Joe Sprangers, CEO Touch New Zealand highlighted that the 2028 TWC realises the much anticipated return of Touch to a country that offers a tribal passionate fanbase, a fitting tribute to the country that participated in the inaugural international match against Australia in 1975.

“The entire Touch community in New Zealand will be thrilled by this announcement,” he said. 

“Hosting the 2028 Touch World Cup not only signifies our event hosting capabilities but also provides us with added enthusiasm as we gear up for the 2024 TWC in the UK.”

“With our wealth of event management experience and strong support from corporate entities and the government, we aim to make the 2028 TWC one of the most memorable in history. We can’t wait to get started.”

Joe continued, “Touch New Zealand boasts the infrastructure, dedicated personnel, and enthusiastic volunteers necessary to deliver an outstanding tournament, promising an unforgettable experience for players, spectators, and fans worldwide.”

Stay tuned for further updates as Touch New Zealand gears up to deliver a world-class Touch World Cup in 2028, showcasing the best of Touch on a global stage.