World Rankings to be published monthly

Nov. 1, 2016 @ 0:00 UTC

Every month the FIT Event Commission will publish the current World Ranking for every division.

From the policy statement of the World Ranking Policy

FIT is committed to encouraging, rewarding and acknowledging the results of international competition.

To encourage more international competition there are incentives built into the ranking formula that reward nations for playing in sanctioned internationals. Publishing the rankings monthly provides acknowledgement of the results.

In the past the number of internationals played between World Cup's has been limited mostly to Trans-Tasman events and the European Championships.

The Federation would like to encourage member nations to conduct more sanctioned bilateral events, with the possibility of improving standings in the World Ranking as an incentive to do so.

Who are the current Number 1's?

Mens Open
Womens Open
New Zealand
Mixed Open
Mens Over 30
Mens Over 35
New Zealand
Mens Over 40
Mens Over 45
Mens Over 50
Womens Over 30
Mixed Over 30
New Zealand

Correct as at 1st November 2016.

In some divisions the 2015 World Champions are not necessarily ranked 1. The rankings take into account all team performances in the period.