2015 ETA Nationals Bigger & Better

Sept. 25, 2015 @ 12:21 UTC

The weather in Cambridge didn’t disappoint as regional teams travelled from across the country to take part in the annual England Touch National Championships event .. and what an event it was!

The Touch Nationals was an even bigger event this year, not only accommodating the open divisions with 7 men’s teams including an invitational appearance from the Middle East, and 6 women’s teams, each battling it out for opens titles, but it also included mixed teams from developing regions to include Midlands Panthers, North East Raiders, South East Renegades, Southern Suns, with UAE also representing here as an invitational team.

Fresh young talent was also on display with the U18s division which included Midlands Cubs, Northern Stars and the Southern Mavericks.

The talent in this division was overwhelming and certainly puts the future of England's open’s divisions in good hands for years to come. Many of the players from the 3 regions were also involved in the Junior Touch Championships event shortly after.

Not to be outdone by new developing players, the Men’s Masters were also in the mix with Midlands Storm, Northern Monkeys, South East Samurais and Southern Suns and an invitational appearance in this division also from UAE.

This year also saw the addition of the ‘developing mixed’ division, which saw 5 teams battle it out to be the inaugural winners of the new division.

Thanks to everyone for making it such an epic event. Those behind the scenes ensuring it all ran perfectly on the day, namely Ben Powell, Gregg Cropper and Kevin Hill. Thanks to those running things over the weekend who worked tirelessly, Shelley Grace and Ian Syder for arranging the referees, Cari Thorpe and Emma Knott and their medical team, who enabled players and referees alike to perform at their best during the competition.

Thanks also goes to all those regional leads, coaches, assistant coaches, managers and helpers along the way, who have also put in many hours in preparing their teams to compete in the best Touch we’ve seen in the UK for a long time!

Check out results and more details HERE.

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