Mr Touch Keeps On Keeping On

April 5, 2015 @ 9:08 UTC

Touch New Zealand icon, Peter Walters, will add further to his impressive list of achievements when he takes to the field for the forthcoming Federation of Touch World Cup in just over 3 weeks time.

Peter is already the most capped international in our game, with 109 caps, and will increase this number two-fold when he touches down in Coffs Harbour as both the TNZ Womens Open Coach, and also as a member of the reigning world champion NZ Mens 40's team.

Peter's record of 73 World Cup caps is surpassed only by Australian Hall of Fame member, Kerry Norman, but with Kerry not offically involved in this year's event, Peter will move to the top of the World Cup list - further highlighting his longevity and standing at the elite level.

Peter started his involvement with Touch in 1980 in Auckland at the Marist rugby club, one of the first competitions that introduced Touch into New Zealand. As a player he quickly stamped his mark on the game and made the Auckland and New Zealand teams in 1986 at the first Touch Nationals in Rotorua, going on to play in his debut Trans Tasman that year. Peter has since played and coached at every National Touch Championships in NZ history; and has represented New Zealand at every Touch World Cup, from the first in 1988 to this year's event.

Peter's haul over this period includes 25 Test matches, 11 All Nation & South Pacific matches, and 73 World Cup games .. and counting! Fitting stats indeed for the man known world wide as "Mr Touch"! 

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