Upcoming Events


Trans Tasman Test Series


21st — 23rd April 2023

Regularly held series between Australia and New Zealand.

Asia Pacific Youth Touch Cup


11th — 14th May 2023

In an exciting new era for youth Touch globally, the inaugural Pacifc Youth Touch Cup is going to Brisbane, Australia, in May 2023.

Youth Touch World Cup - CANCELLED


July 2023

After much consultation, FIT and the host nation England have decided to postpone the Youth World Cup.

Atlantic Youth Touch Cup


20th — 23rd July 2023

In an exciting new era for youth Touch globally, the inaugural Atlantic Youth Touch Cup is going to Nottingham, England, in July 2023.

European Championships


8th — 12th August 2023

The premier biennial tournament in Europe involves most European member nations competing for the coveted European Champions trophy.

Asian Touch Cup


22nd — 24th September 2023

A new era for Touch in Asia, the Asian Cup will provide the opportunity to play at a higher level between World Cups.

Pacific Games

Solomon Islands

27th November — 2nd December 2023

Part of the multi-sport Pacific Games, Touch is played between the nations of the Pacific Ocean.

Events with a date range marked with a † will occur in the period, however exact dates are as yet not known.
We will update the dates as they are finalised.

Please note that green markers (numbered between one to five) represent touch events with FIT Event Level Classifications whereas yellow markers indicate unclassified touch events.