Upcoming Event

Youth Touch World Cup

8th — 11th August 2018

After a 13 year hiatus FIT will host a World Cup for the aspiring youngsters of our game.

Last conducted in 2005, the Youth Touch World Cup provides a pathway to Open representation for the young elite of our sport.

Expressions of interest indicate approximately 50 teams could be in attendance, which would make is almost as big as the 2001 (29) and 2005 (22) events together!

FIT have asked Malaysia, our 2019 Touch World Cup host nation, to take on hosting of the Youth event as well - this will provide competing nations an opportunity to familiarise themselves with Malaysia.

Member Nations will receive Conditions of Entry in early 2017 - this will detail steps required to secure their place in the event.

Event Details

Event Classification
Tier 1B
Boys 18
Girls 18
Mixed 18
Mens 20
Womens 20
Mixed 20