Equipment To Play

Some friends and a touch ball - that's all it takes to play Touch!

Touch is an accessible game, and you only need basic sporting gear to become involved at a social level of the sport - a pair of shorts, a team shirt, socks and boots (moulded soles). However, to make the most of your Touch experience, here are a few points to help.

The Touch Ball

Any oval ball will allow you to play. However, you can find specific Touch balls on our online store here. They are designed especially for the game, with hard grip and perfect shape for handling, carrying and passing.

Team Shirt With Numbers

In all competition, players on the same team need to have the same shirt, with a number on the back (at least 16cm in height). This needs to be arranged with your team leader and teammates.

White as a colour for your team is not recommended, as official referees use this colour for their uniforms. Before you order your team shirts, just make sure the colour you have chosen is acceptable by your local competition.

Stay Protected From The Sun

As with all outdoor sports, Touch can expose you to the sun. To help you stay protected from the sun, a hat can be worn whilst playing and sun cream should be frequently applied as well.

Moulded Soles Footwear

Touch is a game of evasion; therefore you can expect to need to change direction while you are running at some speed. It is wise therefore to invest in appropriate footwear, as they have more grip and will provide stability while you are playing, making the experience more enjoyable. The FIT Playing Rules (4th Edition) however have restrictions on the types of footwear that are able to be used. Make sure you get moulded soles, with cleats no more than 13mm, as studs are not permitted.

Courtesy of Touch Football Australia